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King Solomon Story

on Fri Dec 01, 2017 1:55 pm
This is a story my mom used to tell me, and it comes from the life of King Solomon. The guy was sort of arrogant, very smart but very arrogant. He was capable of reading the stars to tell the future, and one night he found out that his daughter, the princess, was going to marry a commoner. Well, he wouldn't stand for that, and he took her away to a castle in the middle of the sea, with only her servants (who were women which I guess didn't count?). Anyway, she was very lonely out there in the middle of the sea.

Meanwhile, a homeless man, like a really poor guy, was cold on the mainland, without even any clothes. He was desperate when he came across a cow carcass, and thought: at least this is somewhere warm. So he crawled inside and went to sleep.

The next thing he knew, he was waking up in the middle of the sky. An eagle had picked up the cow carcass and was flying it to her nest in the mountains. When he woke up, naturally he started screaming, and the eagle startled, and dropped the cow carcass, man and all.

Lucky for him, they landed not in the ocean, but safely on the balcony of a tower- the princess' tower. And, finding herself faced with a naked man on her balcony after years of loneliness, the princess fell in love with the commoner. When Solomon came to visit, he found that his daughter had defied his plans and married a poor man anyway. He realized that he could not defeat fate.
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