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conductor (short stream-of-consciousness piece)

on Thu Nov 09, 2017 12:48 am
(Here is a stream of consciousness piece I wrote! I decided to write from the perspective of a character from my screenplay. Although there is nothing explicit here, I should give a trigger warning that the narrator is an abuser who is very controlling of her girlfriend)

I feel each key my fingers press into.
The smooth, solid white bars emit sound, fill the room with musical notes, a series of symbols twisting together, weaving into a story that will forever be imprinted, forever be remembered,
at least within this space.

It is in this room that I am the conductor.

I am a musician. A scientist.
I experiment with notes, with words, with sounds, with…

My fingers trail from the piano keys.
I see her lying in bed on her side.
I see her pulling at the arm of a figurine.
She’s frowning.
She loves the figurine more than she loves me.
(She loves whoever gave her the figurine more than she loves me)

I don’t want to play on the piano anymore.
I think I will make myself some tea.

re: conductor

on Wed Nov 15, 2017 3:09 pm
I love this poem! I think it's really interesting how the narrator uses piano as a way to gain some control over something, so that she is "the conductor." I'd be interested in seeing a poem from the perspective of her girlfriend too!
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