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Dream Story

on Wed Nov 08, 2017 10:01 am
Here's the story of a dream I had once. It started with a great battle, an old-timey one, somewhere in rocky mountains. There were knights. The battle was midway when a woman, who was a witch, pulled out colorful smoke. It engulfed everything. Somehow, it won the battle for her side.
When the smoke settled, the woman realized she was pregnant. Pregnant in a terrible way. She carried the child for 2,000 years, wandering the rocky hillsides in misery, and after those 2,000 years, she gave birth to a large metal ball. As soon as it landed on the ground, white fog clouded the air, and the woman died. And the metal ball began rapidly unraveling, growing and growing, and becoming a great city- a city in the clouds. A city of stairs.
The city was full of magic and mystery. There were great courts of kings and hidden shops in alleys to sell fortunes. This is the part in the dream where I showed up- I was a secret agent from another time, another dimension. Our time, on Earth. This group of secret agents went through doors in time and space to study the great city, and find out what about it was causing the sickness in the ground below.
I woke up a little after my first report, which took place at a round table in my school.

Re: Dream Story

on Thu Nov 09, 2017 12:32 am
That is definitely an interesting dream.

The short sentences helped make the imagery stick out in my head, although they also felt abrupt each time they ended, like a bump in the road. Maybe experiment with commas and semi-colons to see what sort of feel that would create? That's more of a recommendation on what to play with, though.

I was also confused by the wording of the last sentence, since at first I thought the narrator was saying how they woke up at their school.
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