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on Fri Dec 01, 2017 2:02 pm
You want to sleep. You always want to sleep. You always complain about how tired you are. Then one day you wake up and you are rested. You spend time in bed on your phone, but your legs are actually itching to move. The sun is shining on the blankets. You are hungry. You like to cook. You want to cook. Itchy legs, empty stomach, boring phone. You want to go. But then you try to get out of the bed. The red blanket you never remember owning is set across the whole bed. What a beautiful red velvet, it keeps you down. You push up and it stretches up a few centimeters, but then it collapses back down on you. You try to sit up but realize the blanket is stronger than you. You can squirm, but you are stuck in bed. You look closely at the blanket and realize it is not a blanket. They are red velvet ropes, oh so close together, no space, they act as a single blanket, but they are ropes. Ropes designed to keep you back. This could have been a dream, a nice dream, if you were really tired, but one day you will not be tired. One day you will be awake, you will be roped down and realize how awful it is to be roped down. You will think it is good, keeping you nice and safe, but it is keeping you from becoming tired. Fatigue, and all fatigue must have been born of some expended energy. Expend energy!
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