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on Mon Nov 06, 2017 3:54 pm
1. Tell a story. Any story
2. Be open to any criticisms, additions, or contradictions.
3. TEXT PIECE: Please stay under 3,000 words.
4. VIDEO/AUDIO: Stay under 10 minutes.
5. IMAGE SET: Stay under 20 images.
6. Do not reveal sensitive information about yourself or others (address, phone number, or secrets).
7. Do not post pornography or extreme gore.
8. Post warnings for sensitive or potentially traumatizing content.

How to submit a story:
1. Pick a prompt from the prompt list, or just do whatever story you want.
2. Go to the "Submit Your Story" forum.
3. Click "Post new topic."
4. Type in or paste in your written story.
5. If your story is in the form of an image or video, the toolbar at the top with all the little symbols has buttons for uploading images or videos.
6. Click "Send."

Then- go look at everyone else's stories, and share your ideas! Remember, you are not commenting on whether or not you liked the piece- you are giving them your ideas on how to expand or change the story.
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